Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mission: Impossible gets the 'Ye Makeover

The theme song for the Mission: Impossible film franchise will be re-done for the third time. Following in the footsteps of U2 and Limp Bizkit, Kanye West has been chosen to update the classic theme song for Mission: Impossible 3, starring everyone's favorite scientologist, Tom Cruise.

"My goal is to take the Mission franchise and re-interpret it to make a movie that is familiar, but absolutely brand new," added M:I III director J.J. Abrams, also via statement. "Kanye has done just that with his version of the classic Lalo Schifrin theme, and we're thrilled to be working with him."

In related 'Ye news,
While recording the aforementioned theme song at London's Abbey Road Studios, Kanye ran across Chris Martin of Coldplay. Rumor has it that the two artists got together for a jam session, the result being a track that may end up on West's highly anticipated Graduation.

"Kanye didn't mind being interrupted and after Coldplay's show, Chris joined him in the recording booth for a jamming session," an industry insider told Virgin's Newswire. "They did a track together which sounded amazing. Fingers crossed it will see the light of day."

Where will Kanye end up next?? Stay tuned in the event of a slow news day.

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