Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Return

It seems unbelievable, but it’s true. Alice in Chains is back!

Rumors have been floating around the web that the legendary grunge group would be reuniting, but there was no real evidence to support the claims. That is, until you hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

AIC guitarist Jerry Cantrell has posted information about the reunion on his website. The following is his message to the fans:

I hate to keep on saying this, but as most of you have heard Alice will be performing at Nova Rock in Austria. This is true. Alice is back. Europe is a long way to go for just one show, so I feel that we are going to have a lot more to do. Because this is Europe and a big festival don't count on any special Alice tickets but you never know what the future brings. Let me explain why things went down the way they went down. It was not the way we wanted it to happen. The festival promoter secured a bunch of really big bands like Metallica, Guns n' Roses and Alice. The promoter decided to have a big press conference on Monday. We had not finished securing the "business side" of the show by the time Monday rolled around. Because Monday was President's Day, our office was closed and we could not make a decission regarding releasing the info to you guys. Our European agent, because our office was closed made an executive decision to release the show info. We fully support his choice but could not say anything untill we spoke to him to get the full story and due to the time difference and travel we could not make the announcement until just now.

Guys, please remember that nothing is official unless it comes from our office. We like to surprise you but sometimes that is not always possible.

Jerry, Mike, Sean and the managment team are doing our best to keep you guys informed. You mean a lot to the guys and they want you to know that.

Rock On! and Hello Europe.

I feel the rumblings of more stuff coming down the road.


I nearly choked on my cereal when I read this. Cross your fingers and wait. There’s bound to be more AIC updates in the near future.

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