Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ozzy Knows the Way

If one were to invest in a vehicle satellite navigation system, wouldn't it be great to hear the Ozzman bark directions? The mumbling rock star's voice is now available for download to these navigation systems. So, if you ever get lost, Ozzy will get you back on track!

An example of Ozzy's directions:

In 400 metres you have reached your f***ing destination.” If a car loses its signal he shouts: “I’ve lost the f***ing satellite!”

Voice Skins, the manufacturer of the service, offers two versions of Ozzy's directions: swearwords and bleeps.

Ozzy’s X-rated rants are selling double the combined total of all the other stars used for voice-overs which can be downloaded on to satnavs.

Other voices available for download include Sharon Osbourne, Tony Blair, Clint Eastwood, Victoria Beckham, Queen Elizabeth, and Marilyn Monroe.

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