Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cold Retires

It’s always unfortunate to see a well-established rock band call it quits, but, as the saying goes, no good thing ever lasts.

The Jacksonville band, Cold, has decided to split up. This comes after their fourth studio album, A Different Kind of Pain, experienced a weak sales performance. Singer Scooter Ward addresses the issue in an official statement on the band’s message board. The following excerpts are highlights from the full message.

"When you put a song out on the radio, it is what it is. It's a gamble on your life and your career and your hope. People just didn't react the way we had hoped they would."
"Instead of being upset and bitter about this, we reflect on what we did do. We got to touch people's lives for the better part of a decade. We got to experience things we only dreamed about all our lives and for that we are grateful. God, I love you guys so much! And I'm more worried about y'all than I am myself."
"I know that some of you need our music like we do too. And I'll never quit writing songs for y'all. Sam [McCandless, drums] and I are going to start a new project. If God allows us to do this (which I have confidence that he will), you will hear songs again from us some day."

At the very least, it’s good to know that a few members of the group will stick around the music industry.

"Thank you guys for being our family for the last 10 years. We love you all and please try to understand our decision."

There it is. Another one bites the dust. Why couldn’t it be Good Charlotte?


Hank said...

or Simple Plan? They need to go away

Anonymous said...

or fall out boy. or all american rejects. or... i could go on and on with the bands who really sort of need to die.

by the way, loved reading "another one bites the dust" at the end of this post. but then again, i love anything even mildly queen-related.

Anonymous said...

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