Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Country Music Evil?

Wow, I never thought I'd hear somebody claim that country music was contributing to the downfall of American culture.

According to a
Spero News writer named Michael Westfall, the country music industry contains a "number of ethically impaired male singers...[whose] staged videos have contrived images of them as out of control macho men and super party animals." To top it all off, he claims that the posterchild for the morally reprehensible honky tonk lifestyle is, of all others, Willie Nelson:

"This 71-year-old braided balladeer's new 'gay' music holds the promise of further polluting America's airwaves."

Westfall is referring, of course, to Nelson's Valentine's Day
performance of gay cowboy song "Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other)." The performance followed not too long after gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain was nominated for at least three Oscars.

And if you think this Westfall fella is off his rocker, you're probably right. At his blog, The American Conservative Worker, he has authored several "articles" pertaining to the Satanic influence of the ACLU and the music industry.


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading some of Westfall's material and you are about as far off base as you can get.
I am going to send Westfall's site to everyone on my e-mail list. Maybe he will wake a few people up!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you John.
In America what was right has now become wrong and what was considered morally wrong is now considered politically correct.The morally bankrupt recording industry with their questionable talents like Willy Nelson, and Hollywood with its self centered characters simply don't care about our culture.
Since the airheads like the one who posted the remarks about Westfall like to take Westfall's material out of context I will include one of his hard hitting parody Satan letters.



Untold millions of foolish non-believers have rejected their Savior and the Word of God. The Lucifer Parody Letters are a serious yet mocking reflection on how the satanic gates to Hell have been flung open.



February 1, 2006

By… Michael Westfall

Dear ACLU,

I am “Lucifer”, but you may call me “Satan”. My spirit is alive and active through my supporters in the United States of America as well as the rest of the world.

I have wanted to write a series of letters to my various American disciples for the last two hundred years, but America’s culture had not yet reached the point to where it was fitting. After observing how successfully so many of you devoted Americans are now discipling for me, it is clearly apparent that in “2006” the time has now arrived to deliver a personalized communication as a token of my appreciation expressing my sincere gratitude. Your efforts have been the necessary and critical grease I have needed to slide in my agenda. By destroying America’s morality we are repaying the United States for being a historically strong God fearing nation.

My first letter is to my ACLU. You are the first in line because you are number one in my book. I have several other letters to my many other major supporters that will follow.

To my ACLU, I must say that I am agitated and not happy with how some are treating you. I despise organizations like the American Family Association, founded by my old archenemy Donald E. Wildmon and now run by his “menacing” son Tim Wildmon SEE… http://www.afa.net/.

I also don’t care for dozens of other popular Christian zealots such as

Gary Glenn, President of the Michigan AFA info@afamichigan.org or

Gary Schneider, President of The Reality Check org. http://www.therealitycheck.org/FeaturedWriters/gschneiderbio.htm or

Martin Barillas, former diplomat and religion news editor for Spero magazine http://speroforum.com/site/print.asp?idarticle=1627 or

Judson Cox, editor and chief of the North Carolina conservative http://www.northcarolinaconservative.com/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1133826399&archive=&start_from=&ucat=&

I also don’t appreciate or like people like Fox’s “Bill O’Reilly” or “Sean Hannity”…who keep hammering on these same issues, bringing a pro-Christian awareness to the anti-Christian issues that I champion. These people are not doing my work. They are our enemies.

There are countless other Christian conservatives that are my enemies. I hate them all. I am looking for delusional liberal disciples to succumb and kneel before me, not intelligent critics who chastise my evil and passionate efforts. These Christian conservatives do make a negative impact on my bringing as many with me as I possibly can to my one-way dark cruise of misery through the eternal lake of fire.

To you my ACLU, I want to give my highest commendation. How you locate and manipulate liberal judges for my purpose and to do my bidding would warm my heart, if I had a heart.

The bucketful of legal troubles that you dish out to any group or power fighting against me is like an ongoing deep breath of rank stagnant air.

You have been on fire for me and have advanced my cause to such a degree that I don’t know where to “stop thanking you”. How could I function without you? “Just consider the shape America would be in without you”?

Thank you for partnering with me to reduce America’s culture to a pile of rubble? As so many of my enemies have already stated, you have done this by fighting to legalize child pornography, homosexual marriage, prostitution, sex between adults and children, remove “under God” from the pledge of allegiance and the motto “in God We Trust” from our money. You are passionate for me and you are quickly slicing all semblances of decency in America. You are justified and wonderful “in my deep red eyes.”

Thank you for fighting “against” America’s Boy Scouts by forcing these young and trusting innocent lads to accept homosexual scout leaders. Your lethal efforts in removing prayer from the lips and hearts of America’s impressionable children in their schools and public events and your powerful work towards physician assisted suicide is exemplary. I am really appreciative to you in your fight for abortion on demand for our young schoolgirls without their parent’s consent, and the gruesome murder of millions of America’s unborn children through partial birth and other types of abortion. Death and misery has always been my specialty. The list goes on but you are diabolically smart and get the idea of your importance to me.

You fabulous ACLU attorneys are my helpmates. You work so hard on my many issues and continually bow to my agenda and myself. I want to let you know that I, your idol, do have an important “gift” waiting for “just you”. It will be here in a flash because life on earth is but a vapor. Your soul, however, will spend eternity with yours truly in a much warmer climate. That is going to be my special “just reward” for “just you”.

Oh yes, I also don’t want to forget to thank you for being against filters on public library computers, nativity scenes on public property, sex offender registries, broadcast decency laws, tax exemptions for churches, posting the Ten Commandments on public property and prayers before high school football games. Keep up this dark work in my name.

It warms my pitchfork the way you have defended the North American Man Boy Love Association, NAMBLA, which promotes the rape of America’s young children under the guise of free _expression. The new culture that you are working diligently to create energizes my vision to obliterate Christian religion and moral ethics. It creates the “legally binding foundation” for a new culture based on pornography, open sex, child sexual abuse, abortion, homosexuality and it demonizes Christ himself. It sounds like hell to me …well done my true and worthy servants!

ACLU comrades and disciples let us not stop here but rather intensify and continue nicking away in huge cancerous chunks the decency left in America. When we finally topple foolish and sleeping America, the rest of the world will fall like brainless dominos.

We need to continue on and intensify our “designed mission” of minimizing, questioning, criticizing and eliminating the Bible as well as characterizing Christians as finger pointing, radical, mentally challenged and delusional chumps. “ Always relate negatively to those who publicly profess belief in Christ and stand as pillars for societal morality and righteousness. “Keep America confused!”

“I believe the technology is here and the time is getting very close for you to finally work on legalizing the putting of a mark on all Americans who are with us. This would further target and demonize those Christians and their families who are against us and would refuse such a mark.

As your master, I demand you to “ continue on with your powerful secular anti-God blueprint”. It is a blue print that continues to allow us to hide under the first amendment, without parameters, aggressively operating and calling everything “good… bad” and everything “bad… good”.

In conclusion, don’t be so modest!

I, Lucifer as a deceiver of mankind, am telling you that largely because of your huge efforts, Americans now live in a post-Christ United States. I am proud and I am boasting of your success in using the American court system against Christianity and America’s families the way you have.

OH YES, your personal pay off and one last minor detail. Because of your tenacity and dedication I have hardly had to lift a finger. Therefore, you can be assured that your souls will be justly rewarded. I have a special spot reserved for each and every one of you.

The Bible says I am going to the lake of fire with my disciples. …….“You are my disciples”.

So far I haven’t mentioned too much about your future but by doing my bidding on earth your souls are now fused to mine for eternity and our future passages are all booked. We are going on the misery cruise headed to the lake of fire. It won’t be a cruise of fun and laughter. Our destination is the roast and toast because your name is not engraved in God’s book of life. To the contrary, you have personally, by choice, engraved your name in my book of death because of your lack of faith in the Savior Jesus Christ. It has been your choice.

Where you are going you may get thirsty “but believe me” the sparks, fireworks and horrific smells that never stop, will awe you. You don’t need to pack your straw hat, sunglasses, asbestos shorts or fire extinguisher because they will be of no use on this cruise or in this place. You just come “as-is”…The rest will be done for you.

Don’t start whimpering…yet. You won’t be alone. For eternity you will be near the suffering souls that you were directly responsible for going on this one way cruise. You will be in equal company because there will be millions of pitiful souls there from over 2000 years and more of recorded history. Around us will be an endless line of historically infamous people such as those who killed Christ, Hitler and his entourage and the entirety of earth’s degenerates. Let’s not forget all of the decent people that we tricked and most important, “to you”, your family members that you refused to lead to Christ. They shall certainly find the never-ending demeanor of their new eternal family in the fire of damnation shall we say, interesting? Thank you and thank you again because without your help I could never had reached your personal family. Don’t forget the most important person there and the one that made it all possible, with your help…. “ME”, yours truly…Lucifer the Beast, I am the captain on this upcoming hellish cruise.

I am looking forward to your arrival and quite frankly I can’t wait to get my clutches on your hide; I mean pat you on your back for a job well done, my loyal and trusted ACLU servant’s.

For once I will tell you the truth…your reward is going to be severe, I mean much more profound then you could have ever imagined.

I don’t follow the Bible and I am a liar, a deceiver and a master of confusion.

You, ACLU, “could have” used your talents and abilities to promote mankind and holy pursuits but you refused and came willingly under my umbrella rejecting God’s word. Job well done!

For rejecting mankind’s savior, blaspheming, convoluting and mocking God’s Holy word and doing all in your power to eradicate morality in America… I am waiting for you. It is much later then you think!

Your Master,

Satan the anti Christ
(Lucifer the Beast)


Westfall’s “The American Worker”

Parody Letters from Lucifer

See … http://michaelwestfall.tripod.com/

See ... Steps to Becoming a Christian By Rev. Kirby