Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Have a taste of Golden Smog

Golden Smog has broken their eight-year hiatus to release Another Fine Day. The new album is a follow-up to 1998’s Weird Tales. According to Billboard, this latest musical effort was put together in two separate sessions last year. These recording sessions yielded the 15 tracks on the album.

Another Fine Day is to be released on July 18 from Lost Highway Records.

Golden Smog is an Alt-country supergroup comprised of Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Jody Stephens (Big Star), Dan Murphy (Soul Asylum), and Gary Louis (the Jayhawks).

Another Fine Day Tracklist:
01. You Make It Easy
02. Another Fine Day
03. 5-22-02
04. Long Time Ago
05. Corvette"
06. Beautiful Mind
07. Listen Joe
08. Cure For This
09. Hurricane
10. Strangers
11. Frying Pan Eyes
12. Gone
13. Never Felt Before
14. I Can
15. Think About Yourself

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